Brain science is

the new black!

Are you wearing it?

All your problems

are created in

your brain, and

so therefore, are

all the solutions.

Learning about

your brain

WILL make you

more productive

Develop a high

performing brain

from the comfort

of your home

or office

‘In this new era, humanity will come to realise and apply the extraordinary power of the human brain.’ – Tony Buzan

Feeling a mental slow down?

Finding it hard to stay focused?

Afraid of ‘losing your mind’ as you age?


Doing OK but focused on being the best YOU that you can be!


Your brain can be its own worst enemy. Learning how your brain really works, and making different choices about where you place attention can reverse these feelings and set you up to get much more from your brain, and for a more productive and healthy life!

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Now there is a great, new way to get a deeper understanding, and therefore better control of your brain. Instead of feeling reactive, or overwhelmed or anxious, you CAN feel empowered, in control and responsive AND you can significantly increase your brain health, your brain productivity and your brain’s mental longevity.

Through the power of neuroplasticity, you can CHANGE your brain, and this involves KNOWLEDGE and CHOICE – knowledge about how your brain works, and choice about where and how you place your attention.

I can show you how to get the very best from your brain and live a fully productive personal and professional life with long term

The brain is the most complex organism in our universe. It can be really useful if we can use it to it’s capacity…which most of us don’t!”   – Michelle Loch

Our twenty-first-century ‘busyness’ has led to a 45% increase

in our stress levels in the last thirty years!!

  • We are busier than ever before,
  • We are under constant pressure to perform,
  • We feel overwhelmed,
  • Our world is full of distractions,
  • We seem to be becoming more emotional,
  • Both personal and professional issues have become increasingly complex.
  • We fear Dementia – the single greatest cause of disability in older people

“Since starting Michelle Loch’s My Brain Academy program I find myself waiting for the next module with similar anticipation to the next episode of a favourite TV series.  MBA gives you a range of modules presented as video casts with supporting documents and workbooks.  You can watch these any time that suits you and self pace through the program to fit around any busy schedule.   Each module focuses on aspects on brain fitness and the everyday habits you can implement to achieve and maintain brain fitness and PEAC brain performance.  If you want to perform better across all aspects of your life achieving brain fitness is the place to start.  Michelle’s MBA program will get you there. “

Adele Fisher

The My Brain Academy program will take you on a 5-phase journey to show you how to develop and maintain your brain’s amazingness by optimising it’s usage, and by supporting it to generate new neurons – the bits that help us process information and learn.

This simple Mental Management Learning System will take you from foundation to transformation, and it will literally change your life!


My Brain Academy will help you be more focused, aware, and engaging, both in your personal and work life.


My Brain Academy will teach you to manage stress and avoid distractions using simple tools.


My Brain Academy helps your long-term mental health transformation from start to finish.



My Brain Academy will help ensure you’re finely tuned for mental management both at home and in the workplace.


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The My Brain  Academy Program is delivered on a digital platform that can play on any of your devices.  The learning is via video and screencast, with articles and links you can access to further your learning if you choose.

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Resistiting Chocolate

That continually ‘resisting’ chocolate (or anything) can actually reduce your capacity for resistance….Learn the neuroscience of resistance

Cognitive Decline

Cognitive brain training can counteract seven to fourteen years of age-related cognitive decline… Learn what consistent brain training can do for your brain, and your life

Social Pain

Human brains experience social pain (embarrassment, loss of social status, uncertainty, unfairness) using the same brain circuitry as physical pain. From a thinking perspective, it is as debilitating and distracting to be embarrassed as it is to break your leg! …Learn how to prevent social ‘threat’ from shutting you down


You are much more likely to solve a complex problem when you are not thinking about it, than when you are working hard to solve it…Learn the secret and capitalise on the power of your brain

It’s Time To Become A Healthier, More Productive, More Responsive and Successful YOU



“Teaching people about their brain has a profound effect on their ability to understand themselves and understand others, making them far more effective at whatever they want to achieve.”

Dr David Rock – Co-founder of the NeuroLeadership Institute

With the My Brain Academy program:

You will learn how to create a BRAIN-FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT by investigating how sound, air, stress and light impact your brain.

You’ll understand how important it is to NOURISH your brain through sleep, proper exercise, nutrition and healthy social relationships.

You’ll learn how to develop brain CAPACITY by understanding how the brain memorises, and how mental stimulation and brain training can actually recharge your brain.

And with all that knowledge under your belt, you’ll then start to develop CONTROL over your brain as we look into neuroplasticity, resilience, habits and emotional regulation.

All of this will lead to you knowing how to achieve PEAC performance from your brain – that is Performance, Engagement, Adaptability and Creativity!


This program has exceeded my expectations.  I have gained so much knowledge which has helped me both in my professional and personal life. The structure of the program is excellent and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their physical and mental performance because that is exactly what has happened to me.

Sally Cowan

Deputy Director, Mater Hospital

Your brain is a very important organ – and we need to look after it with as much health management as the rest of our body. Michelle Loch’s brainFIT program certainly raises awareness and gave you tools and tips of the brain and its maintenance and development needs. The program is delivered in a very timely and cost effective way in the comfort of your own office or home.

Peter Black

Executive and Business Coach

Michelle is the missing link! We are in the business of making our clients hopes and dreams become a reality. In order to become the healthiest, fittest version of yourself you need to Eat, Move and Think the right way. We had the Eat and Move worked out and Michelle provided us with the skills to master Think. Without getting the brain on track it’s much harder to get exercise and nutrition under control. Thanks Michelle for giving us the missing link!

Tim Hughes

Personal Trainer and Founder, Flow2 Gym

Michelle is a master at understanding that ‘mindset’ will only get you so far. The key is to understanding that the brain will continue to operate on auto pilot regardless of your mindset.  UnLOCHing this is the absolute key! I love that just as you can exercise your body, you can do the same for your brain AND get permanent results that will be with you forever!

Jen Forster

Editor, Why Fitness Magazine

Meet the ‘brain girl’!

Nominated for two Telstra Business Women’s Awards – 2014 and 2015 – Michelle works with individuals and organisations to REWIRE their leadership approach to meet the needs and demands of modern humans and the modern world!

She is an expert in neuroleadership, an emerging field of study that takes the latest in social cognitive neuroscience and applies it in a practical and useful.

Michelle is all about ‘making leadership and life as a human EASIER’.

Michelle’s clients describe her as… passionate, practical, and professional….and her programs as ‘transformational’!

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